Most individuals forget that the motherboard is also an essential component of the computer system. If the CPU is the brain of the computer, then the motherboard is the heart of the system. People focus on the software and hardware and neglect the motherboards. For a powerful processor, here are tips to ensure proper care to have the best motherboards 2017.

  • Frequent Dusting of the Motherboard

Dust is harmful to the computer especially when it attracts moisture and builds upon the motherboard. The fan used to cool the interiors of the computer picks up this dust which settles on the motherboard. Dust and dirt eventually clog which then stops the fan from working. Excessive heat causes the internal parts of the computer to heat up to extreme temperatures causing the system to crash. Always dust the motherboard gently using a soft bristled brush to avoid clogging.

  • Regular Check-ups of the Capacitors

Always check the motherboard for irregularities like swelling of the capacitors. It is usually a sign that the motherboard can fail anytime soon. Immediately a person notices this, he or she needs to attend to them promptly by replacing the capacitors of the old motherboard with a new one. This step may prevent individuals from losing their work in the computer.

  • Ensure the Fan is Always Working

The fan on the motherboard helps to cool the internal system of the computer. A whirring sound from the fan means that it is not working properly. Replace a fan which is not working well immediately. One can buy a fan separately in the store then fix it on the motherboard. Individuals only need to note that the fan should fit the specifications of the motherboard.

It is essential always to protect the motherboard from damage to prevent the computer from crashing and loss of data. Individuals should ensure regular checkups of the motherboard before it gets damaged.